Approval / Quantity
Please evaluate the image of your design. This is your online proof, and will be your last opportunity to review your work before it is submitted. Once your image is submitted, if an error is discovered you may have to correct and upload the image again promptly. Printing may commence as quickly as 20 minutes, so double check for any errors before accepting this proof. If the order goes to print, no corrections or cancellations can be made. Please carefully read the terms of service and check the box before adding the product to your shopping cart.

The coloured lines on the design are for reference only and will not appear on the finished product.

In case an error is located on your invoice and the order has not gone to print, immediately place the order on hold. This option can be located by clicking on the "Customer Login" tab, inputting your email address, order number, and selecting hold order. Once the correction is made and uploaded, remove the hold and the order will be queued to print.
Print Quality
The design preview will appear smaller than actual size on most monitors. The printed product will have a much higher actual resolution (2400 dpi), so fonts and curves will be rendered without jagged edges (aliasing). Use this preview to judge legibility, spelling, and check for errors, not detail quality.
Be advised that colour fidelity cannot be assured because we have no control over the calibration of your monitor.

Please make sure your colours are designed in a format that will print in CMYK.
For more information on CMYK Click here.
Shipping & Turnaround
The printing turnaround is 2 business days for Business Cards and 148mm x 105mm Postcards. For all other products the turnaround is 4 business days. Requirement for this turnaround is an express shipping (UPS Standard with Priority Printing or UPS Express Saver). If you select any express shipping the order will be shipped within 1-2 business days. If you choose a shipping method without Express (UPS Standard without Priority Printing), we cannot guarantee the turnaround time. In this case the turnaround is up to 5 days or more. Shipping will take 1-2 business days.

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